#13 6/9/2017

The Punisher War Zone #1

Original release date: 3/1992

Very excited to get this issue in the mail, not only because it’s a first edition, but because it is signed by John Romita Jr who, along with his father, are two of my favorite artists! I have read this issue before but it’s been a few years and I have never owned an original copy, the copy that I have is actually the reprint that came with the Marvel Secret Wars Punisher toy. Still, it was great to re-explore this issue. From the beginning this comic has fascinated me, starting off with Punisher slaughtering Delbert in front of a couple of children and a cop, and turning his back to the cop while the cop aims her gun at him. Right after that we see the Punisher get in an argument with Microchip who storms out and leaves, with Punisher secretly following him like a true obsessive psycho, it fits the character well.

A new character named “Shotgun” is briefly introduced who I still don’t know much about or what his fate ends up being. Another great moment in this issue is the Popsicle scene which is also in the 2004 movie, when Punisher has Mickey upside down, telling him his skin is burning at 2000 degrees while burning a steak and shoving a Popsicle on his skin, telling him the meat he smells burning is his flesh, and that his nerve endings are searing up so it feels cold. Brilliant writing, i’d love to know the inspiration behind that.

This issue brings back a lot of nostalgia for me so of course I like it a lot, I really do enjoy the writing here and the artwork is my favorite. I plan on reading a lot more Punisher, not only because I really enjoy it, but because I bought a couple bulk packages of his issues on eBay for a great price. Expect to see a lot more of Frank Castle on my list.