#14 6/11/2017

The Punisher Year One #1

Original release date: 12/1994

I didn’t even know this was a comic book until this morning, I ended up getting very lucky at Krypton Comics as they happened to have issues number one and three in the back. Very Lucky, I guess we’ll see if i’m disciplined enough to wait until I get the rest of the series to finish it, or if i’ll just jump straight to issue three. The Punisher is on of the very few heroes who I actually want to read an origin story from, sometimes origin stories ruin a characters mystic but I think with him it makes a lot of sense.

This issue has some writing and art I really thought was interesting, especially the disturbing image of the crime scene with everyone’s bodies contorted in different ways. It was interesting how their bodies were discovered, and I really got a kick out of the scene when they get a pulse on Frank Castle, only to have him wake up in what must have been one hell of an adrenaline rush, fighting off multiple police like a junkie on angel dust, and taking more than one tranquilizer to get him to calm down. The ending of this issue was very exciting, really makes me wish I had part two right now. I will absolutely be collecting and reading this series.