#16 6/12/2017

Batman Rebirth

Original release date: 5/17/2017

I’ve heard multiple things good and bad about DC’s rebirths or series like the new 52, I don’t know about the bad, but I do know that I thought this issue was awesome. My understanding on Swamp Thing is very limited, I don’t know his origin and I don’t even really know what his powers are, he is someone who I want to discover more about, and this was my first issue with him in it. With all that being said, I love it, I really like the writing, I am a fan of the art-which surprised me because I’m usually not a big fan of the modern artwork, this will be a series I will try to follow.

This issue starts off with the Swamp Thing’s father being murdered and him teaming up with Batman to find the killer. By the end of the issue things take an extreme turn that actually left me really wanting to read the next issue so I could find out what happens. Waiting is all I can do at this point. I think this is also a really good Batman comic, I don’t know enough about Swamp Thing to know if fans of the original will like it, but I do believe that the fans of Batman will probably enjoy this.