#11 6/7/2017

The Amazing Spider-Man #350

Original release date: 8/1991

Today is my birthday and I decided to read a comic i’ve had pretty much my whole life. When I found this at One Stop, I decided to get a another copy since the one I have had since a kid is a little tore up. I’ve actually had this issue since before I could read, I used to just look at the artwork and imagine what they were saying, this issue alone is probably one of my biggest influences on why I love the artwork from this period, even if some people make fun of it a little bit.

As far as the actual storyline, I think it’s a a great stand alone issue. Summed up, Doctor Doom is looking for a jewel that reminds him of his mother, he discovers a jewel thief has already stolen it and sold it. Spider-man steps in trying to protect the thief who he feels bad for because he’s an old guy that reminds him of his Uncle Ben. Doctor Doom tells Spider-man and the jewel thief that they have 24 hours to bring him back the jewel. After a fight with Doom, Spider-man suffers a head injury, and is told by doctors that he has to take it easy, forcing him to be very careful about getting the jewel.

Now i’m probably a little bias from all the nostalgia it brings back, I’ve probably had this book for 20 years! Either way if you see it in a store don’t be afraid to get it.