#17 6/13/2017

Deadpool Max #8

Original release date: 5/18/2011

This was a comic I bought because I thought it looked cool, with Deadpool fighting what appears to be Al Quida. Maybe i’m kind of weird in the sense that I don’t really like when politics are put into comic books, but I do actually enjoy comics where the super heroes take out villains we are at war with in real life, such as the Nazis or in this case Al Quida. However, I was a little disappointed with this issue. I like the idea of comics being written for adults. I think historically comics have been best and sold best when created for adults, in this case though I thought the content was ridiculous and explicit at some parts in a way that I thought was kind of stupid and unnecessary. I’m not saying it’s bad because of that though, I chose to buy a comic book was rated M for mature, so i’m not going to get mad because it was written from a different world view than mine, all i’m saying is I didn’t enjoy the writing, some else may love it, I just wasn’t a fan, not a big deal.