#18 6/14/2017

Venom Lethal Protector #1

Original release date: 2/1993

Since I was about 10 or 12 my favorite villains have always been the Joker and Carnage, Venom is there with them but sometimes I’m not sure if he should be considered a villain, at times I’m more interested in him than in Carnage. Maybe its because I like him so much that I don’t even consider him a full time bad guy. All that being said, of course I love the writing and art style of this first issue, showing Eddie Brock with an unforgivable mullet roaming around San Francisco trying to start over in the town he was born in, fighting street criminals in a comical way trying to protect the innocent.

That blasted wall crawler Spider-Man can’t mind his own business of course and crashes in on Venom in a way that makes Spider-Man look like the villain here. The first issue is great, the ending is kind of strange but besides that I enjoyed it, now I am trying to find the other five parts to the series and am having a surprisingly hard time doing so, I will have to finish the series in the future when the stars align.

On a side note, I have the red foil cover of this, I guess there is a rare gold foil cover and a black miss print cover as well. There is a great article that goes deeper into this issue here: www.cbr.com/gimmick-or-good-venom-lethal-protector-1/