#19 6/15/2017

Zorro #0

Original release date: 11/1/1993

The other day I was thinking I should watch Zorro for some reason and was wondering if I have the movie, then today at One Stop Comics I noticed they had some Zorro comics, must have been a sign. I enjoyed this issue quite a bit, with Zorro in the woods when suddenly he is hit by a trap and then attacked by a mountain man. For most of this issue Zorro is getting his ass kicked but eventually find his opening shot. This was a fun read, I think I will pursue the other issues (this series may have only ran for about a year) the only thing that bothered me was that there were multiple wounds from both parties involved that should have killed them, but hey it’s a comic book. Kidding about that of course, but one thing I don’t understand are #0 comic books, if anyone has a explanation behind this, contact me and let me know.