#20 6/16/2017

Drax #1

Original release date:5/2/2016

Jarrod at One Stop showed me this issue and pointed out that former WWE superstar CM Punk was a writer on this, in the mood to mix it up and try something new I decided i’d check it out, it also didn’t hurt with Punk being a writer, he’s someone I respect a lot so i decided I’d give it a chance. This is the first Guardians comic i’ve read actually, while I enjoyed the movie I’m still not familiar with the characters. Draw is a cool character and I felt like this comic does him justice, at least made him more interesting to me.

The comic is short, actually felt like reading in fast forward, I don’t know what the behind the scenes was like writing this since Punk is no longer with this series. At a Q&A panel Punk kind of made of this series because it didn’t sell well, but I don’t think this was bad, I get why Jarrod recommends it, if you like CM Punk or Guardians, you should check it out too.